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We Raise and Train Puppies to Complement Your Lifestyle.

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Trained Puppies for Sale

Peace of Mind Puppy provides a fun, well-mannered family companion. Your puppy is raised and trained to fit your lifestyle right from the very beginning. We insure instant happiness leaving out all the stress when adding a dog to your family.

How it Works...
Choosing a perfect dog

1. You Choose a Puppy

Choosing the breed of your new puppy is an important decision. As we get to know you better we can help you decide which breed fits you and your lifestyle best. We work with a network of reputable breeders to ensure your new puppy was born happy and healthy.

From there, we share the journey into teaching and raising your Peace of Mind Puppy.

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Puppy Training - Trained Puppies for Sale - Peace of Mind Puppy

2. We Train Your Puppy

Every interaction with a new puppy is a training opportunity. We begin raising your puppy during their imprinting phase. During this phase your puppy’s brain is still developing, making them more impressionable and easily influenced. We train your puppy a combination of new skills including obedience, manners, setting boundaries and fostering healthy relationships.

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Puppy Delivery & New Owner Training - Peace of Mind Puppy - Trained Puppies for Sale

3. We Deliver Your Puppy. Then We Train You.

We allow a stress free transition by personally delivering your dog to you. While your dog gets comfortable with their new surroundings, we reinforce your confidence by teaching you about your dog’s training and our puppy raising philosophy. You and your new dog will spend the next few days learning together and getting better acquainted.

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Milo - Trained Goldendoodle for Sale from Peace of Mind Puppy


Frankie - Trained Rescue Puppy for Sale - Peace of Mind Puppy


Norman - Trained Pit Bull for sale - Peace of Mind Puppy


Lenny the Lover - Trained Lab for Sale - Peace of Mind Puppy


Stan the Man - Trained Lab Puppy for Sale - Peace of Mind Puppy


Maple - Trained Goldendoodle for Sale


Truman - Trained Labradoodle for Sale


Puppy Advice

Trained dogs that fit your lifestyle
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Puppy Advice

Raising a Puppy for the Real World

Raising a puppy for the real world is our focus at Peace of Mind Puppy.  After 20 years of working with hundreds of rehabilitation cases, it became clear that raising a puppy the right way from the start is key.
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Dogs for Busy People
How to pick a puppy that fits your lifestyle - Peace of Mind Puppy
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How To Pick a Puppy That Fits Your Lifestyle
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Establishing Boundaries for Your Puppy