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Great Dogs for Busy People

The puppies I am raising at Peace of Mind Puppy are great dogs for busy people.

Bringing a dog into your home and your life is an important decision and not to be taken lightly. Many people decide that they do not have the time to spend training a dog properly or do not realize the responsibility they have taken on. This realization usually doesn’t happen until the cute puppy grows into an adult dog and is acting out. When the foundation of raising a well balanced puppy is skipped you can end up with all kinds of problems when they enter adolescence.

If you are ready to bring a dog into your life, but do not have time to train or raise them right from the start, then our dogs will be a perfect fit.  We specialize in raising and training dogs for busy people and busy lifestyles.

These pups will easily adapt to any lifestyle, whether it is in a downtown high rise or on a family farm.  I raise well-rounded family dogs for busy people that you will be proud to take with you anywhere.

You can either choose a puppy I have picked and am currently raising or you can pick the puppy yourself.   By basing puppy selection on temperament (although cuteness helps).

I am selling the Cadillac of dogs: dogs for single people, dogs for couples, dogs for families and dogs for busy people that simply do not have time to raise a puppy.  These pups will be well balanced, well socialized and trained so that you will not have to worry about whining, jumping, nipping or any other unwanted behaviors.  I only raise a few puppies at a time. I turn out the very best there is.

Are you interested in owning a luxury puppy?

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