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Trained Dogs for Sale to Fit Your Lifestyle

What are trained dogs for sale?  What do they do?  These are questions often asked about our puppies.  The answer is that they don’t “do” anything.

Generally, people are unaware of what a truly good dog is because they simply have never seen one.  So what is a “good” dog?  In the simplest terms, a good dog is one that you can confidently take into any new situation and they will continue to focus on you while remaining calm.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  It is, but unfortunately it rarely happens.

“Trained dogs for sale” often refers to trained for protection, but we focus on companionship and owner education.  Too often dog training focuses on what the body is doing, but the mind is far more important.  Few people have the time to properly socialize their puppies when they are going thru their imprinting and socialization phases.  Later on, when they develop fears and anxieties or over excitement and frustration, owners tend to jump to the conclusion that obedience training is needed.  Now, you have a dog that will “sit-stay” in the kitchen and listens “most of the time”, but they still run away, bark out the window and jump on visitors.  Obedience and trick training is a great way to bond with your dog, but unfortunately most people skip the foundation work that is needed beforehand.  Our trained dogs for sale will eliminate the stress of raising a new puppy and save you money in the long run.

Raising a puppy and exposing them to the many people, places and experiences is often either rushed or simply does not happen when or how it needs to.  Too often puppies are humanized and “babied” or sheltered because they seem fragile.  Unwanted behavior is often accidently enabled when they are cute and small, then owners get frustrated when they grow up and whine for attention or get too excited in new situations.  The truth is they were taught that these behaviors work in getting what they want so it is confusing to them when it is no longer acceptable.  Buying one of our trained dogs for sale guarantees that you will have a confident pup that knows what is expected of them.

We are raising a few puppies that will be true dream dogs.  We teach our pups a lifestyle that does not turn on or off in different situations.  Once I have raised a puppy, it is forever part of my pack and I will provide guidance when needed thru out the lifetime of the dog.  I am raising puppies that will be well mannered in all situations and will be ambassadors in every sense of the word.  The difference between my pups and my competitors’ is the experience.  An experience you won’t get anywhere else.

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