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Trained Family Dogs Save Money.

Trained family dogs save money and here’s why.

There comes a time in most peoples lives where they have to make an important decision.. Do you get a used car that may be cheaper to buy, but could cost more unexpected bills down the road?  Or, do you pay the money up front to get a reliable car that comes with a guarantee?

Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions about that metaphor, let’s want to get a few things straight:

  1. I am not suggesting that anyone give up on their dog, there is always training; after all that is my main business.
  2. I am not against rescuing a dog with an unknown past.  There are many amazing dogs in shelters and I myself own a rescue dog.

However, people literally spend thousands of dollars on home repairs, vet bills and surgeries.  Not to mention the stress, anger and guilt that can go with the financial burden. Whether dogs come from a reputable breeder or from rescue, a puppy can develop unwanted behavior if it is not raised properly. All puppies need to be socialized and introduced to the world at a young age so that they grow into happy and healthy adults.

While I do work with rescues, support them and am getting some of these pups from them, I am not a rescue.  I am also not a breeder and will not be breeding any dogs.  Please leave that to the professionals.  I am also not a volunteer.  I am a dog trainer and behaviorist (and sometimes psychiatrist) that will raise pups to be successfully trained family dogs.  Raising trained family dogs is a full time career that I have been working at for nearly 20 years.

The amount of money and time I have invested into these pups has already made it well worth it.  In the relatively short time I have had them they have:

  • Traveled in cars
  • Stayed in hotels
  • Experienced different sounds and textures
  • Gone to the groomer
  • Taken trips to the vet
  • Fully leash and off leash trained
  • Socialized with other dogs, cats and children
  • Been potty trained and crate trained
  • Do not chew destructively, puppy nip or jump

Bringing a puppy home is and should be a joyful event and a commitment to the life of that dog.  In turn we want that puppy to bring joy and companionship.  Most people don’t get a dog planning on dealing with leash aggression, noise complaints or returning home to find garbage all over the floor and the couch torn to shreds.

My mission is to raise a few well trained family dogs that are balanced and confident in order to avoid all of these unwanted behaviors. I am not just selling a dog, I am selling peace of mind.

Scott Harris

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