Norman - Trained Pit Bull for sale - Peace of Mind Puppy



Norman’s story starts before he was born. His mom, Ruthie, became pregnant and was dropped at a shelter where any pit bull type dogs are automatically euthanized. The puppies were born in the shelter and the staff fell in love with Ruthie’s temperament and personality. They decided to find a way to save her and the puppies, so they decided to sneak the entire family out of the shelter and transfer them to another state where they could all have a chance at life. Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue ( stepped up to take the entire family.

At 5 ½ weeks of age I made the trip to meet the puppies at their foster home and picked out little Norman. While in foster he was living with several other dogs including a Chihuahua, a Bull Mastiff and even a cat. He has an outgoing personality and loves all other dogs and people. He loves to explore and come right back to snuggle. Norman gives great eye contact and is constantly looking to please. He will be a great ambassador for pit bulls and rescue dogs alike.

He is gentle with children and other dogs and will be a great addition to a family or a wonderful companion to someone with an active lifestyle. Norman is a perfect example of what a trained pit bull puppy was once known for: being a loving family dog. One look into his golden eyes will melt your heart. Forget love, wouldn’t you rather fall in chocolate?