Milo - Trained Goldendoodle for Sale from Peace of Mind Puppy

Milo – Trained Goldendoodle for Sale

Milo was born May 27th, 2018. He is the 5th puppy we’ve purchased from this particular breeder, who is exceptional at starting pups out those important first 8 weeks. Well worth the original cost of $2400.

From early on, it was obvious, Milo was a great puppy. He is happy go lucky, quiet and mellow in the house, yet playful and active when outside. He has been taught and understands the rules of structured and productive games, such as tug or fetch. He is appropriate when meeting new people, ignoring when he should, yet engaging with them when invited.

He is very obedient and will fit well into a comfortable home, adapting to your lifestyle.  Milo walks nicely on leash as well as off-leash.  He is quick to respond when called to come in all situations.  Milo is wonderful with children, gentle yet playful.  He is great with other dogs as well.

Milo has been raised and trained through our Peace of Mind Puppy program.

Every Peace of Mind Puppy is delivered to your city with all necessary supplies, a certificate of health and lifetime support. Several days of one-on-one private training for you and Milo in your home as you begin your life together are included.

Cost for Milo and your Peace of Mind: