Stan the Man - Trained Lab Puppy for Sale - Peace of Mind Puppy



With his confident strut and laid-back style, Stan will be a great dog for anyone’s lifestyle. He is easy going and independent; playful yet loves to chill in his crate during down time. Stan is still a puppy and cute as can be, but respects his human pack leaders. He will wait politely at the door, refrain from jumping on you or guests and is learning to heel on leash.

Stan was hand picked from Double T British Kennels in Kansas ( Born on December 15, 2012 to parents Boss and Ellie, two beautiful yellow labs. When the litter was 8 weeks old I made the drive down with a picture in my mind of what the dog would look like, however I will always pick personality and temperament over color.

When I get there they let out all the puppies and immediately a group is climbing up my legs, a couple are trying to imitate the more dominant ones, while there was a shy one being a wallflower; and then there was Stan. Stan was hanging out with the cat. He came over wagging his tail and let me pet him and then went to do his own thing while his brothers and sisters were still hanging on my legs. He wasn’t needy or pushy, wasn’t shy or scared, just very calm and confident.

Stan is still this way and his curious, independent nature keeps me cracking up as he matures. Many things that a dog would be unsure of or try to avoid, Stan will just trot right up to, check it out and continue on his way.

Want a dog that can travel and hang out everywhere you go? He’s your guy! Want a dog that can face any situation; be it a busy condo in the city or relax by a campfire on long weekend getaways? Perfect!