Maple - Trained Goldendoodle for Sale

Maple – Trained Goldendoodle for Sale

Maple is our newest available dog for sale. Maple a Golden-doodle, was born January 7th, 2017. She weighs about 35lbs. Maple has been under our care and trained through our Canine Peace of Mind Lifestyle Dog Training Program since she was eight weeks old.

Maple has a sweet and playful disposition. She has impeccable manners. She is fully potty trained even rings a bell to signal when she needs to go out. She is quiet and comfortable in her crate. She is polite when meeting new people. Maple is reliable to come when called even off leash. She knows all basic obedience commands such as sit, down and stay.

Canine Peace of Mind Lifestyle Dog Training Program prepares a new pup for their future life. Our puppies are raised in a home environment to be confident and reliable in various situations. We achieve this by guiding and teaching them through the most formative stages of their lives. We work as a team with each new family offering lifetime support.

Maple’s sweet nature and exceptional obedience allows her to be a great addition to any family.  She loves attention, yet is not pushy or demanding. She is comfortable to snuggle up with you and receive a belly rub. She is content to hang out and watch TV, especially Hockey games! She is great with kids and other friendly dogs.

Every Peace of Mind Puppy is delivered with all necessary supplies and health certificate.