Ani - Trained Goldendoodle - Peace of Mind Puppy

Ani (Pronounced Ah-nee)


Ani is a kind and gentle soul. She’s been living in our home since she was 8 weeks old and has always been a big snuggle and love bug.

While training within our lifestyle dog training program, Ani has demonstrated to be a very smart and intuitive pup. She is very obedient to commands and listens well. She always wants to make sure she’s pleasing you and loves the interaction with kids, dogs, and other people. She is mellow around the house, in the car and has great manners around other people. She knows when to party and when to relax.

We’ve only heard Ani bark once so she’s not a good deterrent dog 🙂 She’ll instead love up anyone that comes into the house. She does really well with other dogs and knows how to open dogs up without being too pushy.

Trained Dogs For Sale: Exclusive Lifestyle Dog Training Program

Canine Peace of Mind’s Lifestyle Dog Training Program trains puppies through their imprinting phase up to their first year of adulthood. Since the early weeks and months in a puppy’s life are the most important for exposure, it’s extremely beneficial to take a proactive approach rather vs. a reactive one when it comes to your dog’s training.

We raise our puppies to be confident and reliable no matter the situation or environment they are in. We accomplish this by educating and training both the owners and their dogs. Working together, we build a team that supports you and your dog throughout your training process and well after for ongoing support.

Our Lifestyle Dog Training is an exclusive and unique experience, unlike any other in the industry. We do more than just teach commands, we build healthy and instinctual relationships for dogs and their owners that lasts a lifetime.

Ani’s Best Qualities:

  • Fully potty trained
  • Off-leash reliable
  • Does solid down stays
  • Knows to go lay down
  • Waits for her food
  • Crate trained but is good outside of her crate as well
  • Rings a potty bell to go outdoors to potty.
  • Does not jump on guests and is not needy or pushy with asking for attention.

Our Goldendoodle, Ani is almost ready for her new home and will make a great addition to any family or single person looking for an adventurous companion!