About Peace of Mind Puppy

Peace of Mind Puppy offers dog lovers a proactive approach to raising, training and bringing home their new puppy.

Expert dog trainer and owner, Scott Harris creates exclusive puppy raising programs for new potential dog owners that goes beyond the basic obedience training and commands like “sit” or “stay.” While a trained puppy from Peace of Mind Puppy does sit and stay, they’re behaviorally and environmentally trained as well.

Every puppy raising program has puppies train through real life scenarios and distractions. Avoid spending time and money trying to train your dream dog and buy one already raised and professionally trained to fit your personal lifestyle.

About Our Puppy Raising Program

A Peace of Mind Puppy has good manners and is a dog any owner can rely on, making them the answer to those wanting to own their dream dog without having to go through multiple trainers, destroyed furniture and sleepless nights.

Peace of Mind Puppy offers raising and training programs to guide your new puppy into the beginning of puppyhood. All programs begin raising your puppy around 12-16 weeks and continues throughout adolescence.Your new puppy will grow and train based customized to fit your specific lifestyle. A puppy is ready to be taken home between 9-12 months of age.

About Scott Harris

Scott Harris holds an instinctual relationship with dogs that comes naturally. Growing up in rural environment, where neighbor’s dogs were allowed freedom to roam, provided Scott a multitude of willing students on which he could practice his teaching skills.

His father had a natural way with all sorts of animals and was a huge influence on Scott. Scott’s keen observation and unlimited patience shaped his training skills. In his late teens and early twenties, Scott sought out professional trainers who allowed him to shadow them.

A few years later, Scott applied and was hired for a position with a large kennel in the St. Louis area. The facility housed a large quantity of dogs, which included boarding and pet training as well as hunting and breeding. Working with so many dogs inspired Scott to do his best giving each dog quality care and time. The sheer quantity of dogs made doing so a challenge.  He knew more time spent with each pup was the key to a great dog. This opportunity was the very early idea that planted the seed for Peace of Mind Puppy.

Scott is a highly respected leader in his industry, known to many as “the puppy guy.” Working with Scott makes it obvious why he stands out from the crowd. He is an expert trainer and equally as important, a compassionate teacher, bringing a rare breed of passion to the dog training industry. Those who have had the opportunity to work with Scott, realize they are in the company of a unique person.

After spending twenty years training and prohibiting dogs and puppies from all breeds and backgrounds, Harris believes the true way to successfully train and raise a new puppy is by  focusing on the big picture. For him, it’s equally important to teach the owner how their dog thinks and interprets everyday human life. This understanding creates a great relationship between the person and the dog.